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Michel Binstok
Date of birth 1938
Date of death August 1, 2018
© Michel Binstok
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Michel Binstok was born in Brussels in 1938. From his early age, he was attracted by "jazzy" music and photography. As a teenager, he assiduously frequented Brussels jazz clubs, which he kept in mind nostalgicly. Photography has always been his passion. His camera was never far away, and Michel was always ready to capture the surprising moments of life. Fascinated by the sparks of life flowing out as jazz notes, he photographed everything that crossed his path. So it was obvious, that he ended up deciding to become a professional photographer.
At a concert or a jam he had his way to capture the moments of intimacy between the musician and his instrument, lost in their world of vibrant notes. A look. A feeling. A colour. An atmosphere …
For many years, Michel surveyed many jazz festivals, including Brosella Folk & Jazz, with which he had a special friendship.
He also liked mixing with streetartists, such as the “Zinneke Parade” or “Les Feux de la St Jean” in Mons. He also liked to survey the streets of his native city, Brussels and its Grand Place, to which he devoted a book: “Brussels Grand-Place”… “Bring back your most beautiful memory”.
From 2007, his friendship with Paul Huygens led him to permanently exhibit at the jazz club “The Music Village”.
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