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Mathilde Renault
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Instrument(s) Piano, Vocals, Composer
Date of birth 1986
Place of birth Malmédy
Current residence Brussels (Saint-Josse-ten-Noode)
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Phone +32 (0)498 43 92 46
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Web site Dedicated website
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Web site Dedicated website
Vidéo from Zanga feat Jonas Knutsson at Brosella on Youtube
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 Current bands

Mathilde Renault / Jonas Knutsson (Leader)      Zanga (Leader)
Overoceans (Leader)     

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Mathilde Renault is a young pianist, singer and composer. She was born in Malmedy in 1986, both her parents are musicians. Her main passion has always been composition and creation; as a kid she played music, painted and photographed. But she only really began to study the piano at the age of 16 even if she already played and composed before. She began to sing with bulgarian singers and then went away of that kind of singing to create her own style. The Band Overoceans was born from the meeting between Mathilde and American violonist Caroline Shaw (classical) . Now added to the duo are percussionist Stephan pougin and bass player Arne Van Dongen. In june 2006 Overoceans recorded Mathilde's compositions and the album ALIANA LUDA is OUT NOW on the Label Carbon 7.

21/12/2008 Mathilde won th price of musical "coup de coeur" for zoom jeune contest.

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