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Marta Mus
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Instrument(s) Vocals
Date of birth January 1, 1972
Place of birth Poland
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Web site Dedicated website
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Web site Dedicated website
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Marta Mus is a talented singer, songwriter from Poland, whose destiny has always been music. She started to, play piano at the age of three and her life has been lead by music since then.
She went on a classical piano school and was singing and dancing in several local folkloric groups, until 1991 when she arrived to Belgium, to continue and finish her piano studies in Brussel's Conservatory where she brightly obtained a first prize in both, piano and vocal jazz.

Jazz soon became her passion and she started to sing in local jazz clubs.
In 2000, her amazing voice and the support of her fans convinced her to release her first album "Bitter Sweet" (Sony France).
At the same time Marta started to write songs.

"I always had a feeling that my musical journey will lead me to that moment: to write my own songs, to create my own music. This is the best way for me to truly express myself as an artist".

In 2006 she met Djakhobo, a talented producer and multi instrumentalist from Rwanda whose talent has been profit for well known such as Yuossou N'Dour, Guru's Jazzmatazz just to name a few, after some concerts together they started to work on Marta's songs and a year later they completed the production of "Night Walk".

"Night Walk is a part of my life, my feelings, my questions and joys while doing what I'm doing".

Who would imagined a polish singer and a rwandan producer !
Take a "Night Walk" you will understand that nothing happens by hazard: this album was meant to be !!!

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Marta Mus Sextet     

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