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Mario Vermandel
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Instrument(s) Double bass, Electric bass
Date of birth 1961
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 Current bands

Seventh Sense (Sideman)      Rony Verbiest Trio (Sideman)
Johan Vandendriessche Trio (Sideman)     

De tekst is ook beschikbaar in het Nederlands 
Mario VERMANDEL took lessons with pianist Francis COPPIETERS and masterclasses with bassists Hein VAN DE GEYN, Riccardo DEL FRA and Dave HOLLAND.

In '96, he obtained a firt Prize (instrument) at the Royal Music Conservatory in Brussels, where he took lessons in the jazz department with bassist Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE.

Mario VERMANDEL had the opportunity to play with a.o. Jan MUES, Koen DE CAUTER, KADRIL, Marjolein CNEUT, Paolo RADONI, WIGBERT, Quartet En Vie, Richard ROUSSELET, Hans VAN OOST, Peter VANDENDRIESSCHE and Johan VANDENDRIESSCHE, Rony VERBIEST, Johan VERMINNEN etc...

He appeared at the Dranouter festival in 93-97, at the Shaken Festival in Denmark (97), en the Kunstenfestival in Oudshoorn in South Africa.

Mario VERMANDEL plays with the MAHIEU - VANTOMME Quartet. The band has recorded a cd, titled "Wicked Places"

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Marquito VELEZSimplement (93)
Marquito VELEZFlamingo Guitar (94)
KADRIL Noot met Krijt (94)
KADRIL De Grote Boodschap (97)
Kwartet En Vie Acoustic Swing (96)
De VIEZE GASTEN25 Jaar (97)
LAIS "Lais" (98)

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Jihye Lee Quintet     

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