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Marek Patrman
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth February 7, 1971
Place of birth Czech Republic
 Current bands

YUN (Sideman)      Unlimited (Sideman)
Rorschach (Sideman)      Peter Hertmans quintet (Sideman)
Paul Van Gysegem quintet (Sideman)      Manolo Cabras quartet (Sideman)
Imaginary Band (Sideman)      Giovanni Di Domenico UNUS DIGIT (Sideman)
Free Desmyter Quartet (Sideman)      Erik Vermeulen Trio (Sideman)
Daniele Esposito Quartet (Sideman)      Augusto Pirodda Quartet (Sideman)

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Born in the Czech Republik. Musical education at the Janacek conservatorium in Ostrava. Experience in contemporary music. He also led his own quintet, for which he composed.

Active on the Belgian scene since 1999, a.o with Erik Vermeulen trio, Ben Slujis Quartet, Fred Delplancq Unlimited, François Decamps, Free Desmyter quartet etc...

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
François Decamps Quartet      Ben Sluijs Quintet "The Unplayables"
Ben Sluijs Quartet     

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