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Maayan Smith
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Instrument(s) Tenor saxophone, Alto saxophone
Date of birth April 11, 1983
Place of birth Jerusalem, Israel
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 Current bands

Beam (Leader)      Maayan Smith Quartet (Leader)
Sal La Rocca SLR 5 Joker (Sideman)      Nu jazz project (Sideman)
Synchronicity Duo (Sideman)      Sinister Sister (Sideman)

Israeli Saxophonist Maayan Smith started his music studies at the age of 9 and has been playing ever since.
He started his career as a classical musician, playing at the highest levels in Israel.
He has won numerous scholarships and performed in some of the most important venues.
He is a founding member of The Jerusalem Saxophone Quartet with whom he recorded 2 CD’s released in the Mishkenot Sha’ananim record label. He recieved his Bachelor of music degree from the Jerusalem Music Academy for classical perfomance in 2006.

Shotly after, he followed through on his lifelong love of jazz and improvised music.
Currently based in Brussels, Belgium, Maayan graduated from the Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel with a Masters degree in Jazz performance, studying with Jeroen Van Herzeele and John Ruocco.

Since arriving in Brussels in 2009 Maayan has quickly gained recognition by his peers, playing many dates and pick-up bands with some of the best of the Belgian scene. working full steam in this new and exciting idiom, he hopes to pave his own path and find more ways and places to express his love for this music.

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