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Lady Linn
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Instrument(s) Vocals
Also known as Lien De Greef
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Phone +32 (0)2 300 80 90
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 Current bands

Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Big Band (Leader)      Lady Linn and her Magnificent Seven (Leader)

Lien De Greef, better known under her stage name Lady Linn, studied jazz singing for 5 years at the Ghent Conservatory (B).

She sang with the electro-pop band Bolchi and delivered lead and backing vocals and co-producing her songs with the hip/hop/soul band Skeemz and DJ Buzz.
She also was active on the house scene with DJ Red D, etc...

She appears as a jazz singer with her project "Lady Linn and her magnificent seven", a septet with which she recorded an album.

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