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John Snauwaert
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Instrument(s) Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone
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Phone +32 (0)9 362 20 39
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John has a very wide scope and is an artistic world traveler. Thus he made acquaintance with Petar Elmazof (Bulgaria), Chergio de Susa and Pipo Fernandes (Cuba, the latter member of the B V S C), Mahbub Khan (India). He also played on stage with jazz masters as Lowell Fulson, Isaac Hurley, Jacques Pelzer, Bob Mover… As a composer and musician he worked for KVS, het Muziek Lod, De Werf, Victoria, De vieze gasten and circus Picolini. He loves the music/image combination and wrote music for the animated movies ‘papa trumpet’ and ‘Meme’ by Eveline Verschorre and also for ‘The Bed’ by Luc Degryze. He is also the founder of the most theatrical brass band of the Low Countries: ‘Exelsior’. He really can handle any genre.

He also toured with US baritone sax Gary Smulyan and alto sax Dick Oats.

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