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Joachim Badenhorst
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Instrument(s) Bb clarinet, Bass clarinet, Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone
Date of birth October 13, 1981
Place of birth Antwerp
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Phone +32 (0)485 46 65 68
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 Current bands

Carate Urio Orchestra (Leader)      Rawfishboys (Leader)
Joachim Badenhorst solo (Leader)      Gowk (Sideman)
Christian Mendoza group (Sideman)      Machtelinckx / Badenhorst / Cools / Gouband (Sideman)
Le Sens du Désordre (Sideman)      The Sound People Project (Sideman)
Veder (Sideman)     

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Joachim started playing clarinet at age 7.
He studied at the Royal Conservatory of the Hague with John Ruocco (1999-2003).
He did his master degree in the same school (2003-2005) where he studied with Ruocco and Michael Moore. May/June 2005 he attended the 'jazz and creative music workshop' in Banff, Canada where he studied with a.o. Dave Douglas, Don Byron, Greg Osby and Misha Mengelberg.

Joachim is co/leader of:
Rawfishboys: a duo with French bassplayer Brice Soniano
Red Rocket: a trio with Irish guitar player Simon Jermyn and Irish drummer Sean Carpio.

He is also a member of the groups:
Feles, Quadrille, Brick Quartet, Chroma, Marc Demuth Quartet, Lunfardo, Yves Peeters quartet, Braboshinke.

Joachim performed at the Northseajazzfestival '03 in a bigband conducted by Kenny Werner.
Performed at the Northseajazzfestival '04 in the Michael Brecker quindectet (feat. Adam Rogers, Clarence Penn, Alex Sipiagin, Gil Goldstein).
Performed at the Northseajazzfestival '05 with 'Phil Woods plays Bird with strings'.
April 2006, duo with Japanese Koto player Terumi Hirabayashi in Kyoto, Japan.
Toured and performed in Ireland, Portugal, New York, Spain, Canada, Italy, Slovenia, France, Austria.


  • Summer 2007, in singer's Sacha Ley's album "Travelling Light"
  • « Simon Jermyn´s Trot A Mouse » Fresh Sound Records (Spain), recorded New York January 2007.

    Joachim Badenhorst is currently dividing his time between Brooklyn and Antwerpen. He is a Co-Leader of groups in different European countries: Mogil (iceland), Red Rocket (Ireland), Rawfishboys (France), Ploug/Pettersen/Badenhorst (Denmark), Os Meus Shorts (Belgium), Taro (Austria). Joachim is a member of the Han Bennink Trio, the first group that the legendary Dutch drummer fronts as a leader. Their record `Parken` (available on the Danish ILK label) was chosen by all about jazz ny as `best new release of 2009`.

    In New York he is currently working on a few new projects: International trio with trombonist Steve Swell and drummer Ziv Ravitz (new cd out on de W.E.R.F.). He is one third of Clarino: a trio that works on the new compositional language of trumpeter Thomas Heberer (new cd out on Cleanfeed) ; Baloni: a collaborative trio with Pascal Niggenkemper and Frantz Loriot will release their debut album `Fremdenzimmer` on Cleanfeed in November 2011. Joachim is a member of Tony Malaby`s new nonet`Novela` (new cd out on Cleanfeed).

    portrait of Joachim Badenhorst

  • In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
    Le Petit Cirque      Eve Beuvens Quartet

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