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Jens Bouttery
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth September 15, 1988
Place of birth Oostduinkerke
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 Current bands

Jens Maurits Orchestra (Leader)      Blue Monday People (Sideman)
Llop (Sideman)      Les Chroniques de l'inutile (Sideman)
Winchovski (Sideman)      Thunderblender (Sideman)
Nicolas Kummert "Voices" (Sideman)     

Jens Bouttery started off a musical and theatrical career in academies at the Belgian seaside. Today he finished his Master Degree jazzdrums with greatest distinction at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels. In the meantime Jens played and composed for theatre productions such as “Kamp Jezus” & “Rail Gourmet” by theatre collective Wunderbaum, “Hete Tenen” with his sister actress Lise Bouttery and “Concerto” by performance artist Ivo Dimchev. Jens created soundtracks for short-films as “Gerrits Kerstige Katharsis” by Daan Milius and the multiple award-winning “Misschien Later” by Moon Blaisse. His current bands and projects are Winchovski, Tsu Tsu Trio, Les Chroniques de l’Inutile as well as dance performance “Alpha Boys” by Club Guy & Roni, Caligula by “Mokhallad Rasem” and “Detroit Dealers” by Wunderbaum. With Franka’s Poolparty, Jens won the title for best solo player at the Brussel Jazz Marathon XLJazz Contest 2011.
In 2011 Jens also won the Toots Thielemans Jazz Award for his latest audiovisual project “The Dubtapes”. A collaboration with Daan Milius & played by the Jens Maurits Orchestra.

- High School Degree ASO Math-Science “Immaculata-Instituut” De Panne (2006)
- Full Academy Degree “Academie voor muziek en woord” Veurne: Theatre (2006)
- Basic Academy Degree “Academie voor muziek en woord” Veurne: Piano (2000)
- Full Academy Degree “Conservatorium Oostende”: Percussion & Jazzdrums (2006)
- Bachelor Degree Jazzdrums “Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel” (2009)
- Master Degree Jazzdrums “Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel” (2011)

Past Projects:
- actor & musician for theatre play “Het Publiek” by OTO (2004)
- drummer in rockband The Rollstors (2004-2006) and Mauer (2006-2008)
- composer music for theatre play “’s Ochtends kan het gratis” by OTO (2005)
- studio musician for theatre music “Leve de moeren” by OTO (2006)
- drummer in jazztrio Out Of Towners (2007)
- composer soundtrack 2 short films by Jules Debrock (2007-2008)
- drummer in jazztrio Duke Plankton (2007-2008)
- drummer in rockband Off With Their Headz (2008)
- studio musician & composer soundtrack of short film “Oostende” by Jules Debrock & Daan Milius (2008)
- studio musician album “Hope” by Fred Rinaldi (2008)
- drummer for music-theatre production “Kamp Jezus” by Wunderbaum (2008-2010)
- composer & actor soundtrack short film “Gerrits Kerstige Katharsis” by Daan Milius (2009)
- drummer for theatre production “Zomergasten” by Theater Oostpool (2009-2010)
- composer & live musician music-theatre production “Hete Tenen” with Lise Bouttery (2009-2010)
- drummer in Jazztrio Anne Wolf (2010)
- composer soundtrack of short-film “Gimme back my Happiness” by Jurgen Willocx
- composer & live musician music-theatre production “Rail Gourmet” by Wunderbaum (2010-2011)
- drummer for “Concerto” by Ivo Dimchev (2010)
- composer soundtrack short film “Misschien Later” by Moon Blaisse (2011) - composer & live musician music-theatre production “Freule Julie” van Theater Artemis (2011)
- composer soundtrack documentary “Lollo gaat op reis” by Daan Milius (2011)
- drummer in jazzsextet Franka’s Poolparty (2010 – 2012)

Current Projects:
- Jazzbands: Winchovski, Les Chroniques de l’Inutile, Jens Maurits Orchestra
- Replacement drummer for Jef Neve Trio
- Composer & live musician for dance production “Alpha Boys” by Club Guy & Roni
- Creator, composer & live musician for music-video production “The Dubtapes” by Jens Maurits Orchestra
- Composer & live musician for theatre production “Caligula” by Mokhallad Rhasem
- Live musician for theatre production “Detroit Dealers” by Wunderbaum

Prices & Awards:
- Price “Harry Reubsaet” for most funny side role in production “Het Publiek” by OTO (2004)
- 2nd price Dexia Classics Contest for percussion (2006)
- Selection “Theaterfestival 2009” Netherlands with “Kamp Jezus” by Wunderbaum
- Selection “Theaterfestival 2010” Belgium with “Rail Gourmet” by Wunderbaum
- price for best solo player at the Brussels Jazz Marathon XLJazz Contest 2011
- Toots Thielemans Jazz Award 2011 for school carreer and final project “The Dubtapes”

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