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Jean-Pol Danhier
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Instrument(s) Trombone, Tuba
Date of birth October 4, 1950
Place of birth Mons
Current residence Hyon
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 Current bands

From Duke to Monk (Sideman)      Charly Bil Swing (Sideman)

Between 56 and 64, Jean-Pol DANHIER takes classical lessons in solfège and piano at the Music Academy in Mons.
Later, he discovers the trombone, and after completing his studies at the university, he studies during three years at the Séminaire de Jazz at the Liège Music Conservatory.
He becomes a teacher in that institution.

He currently teaches in the Jazz Department of the Brussels Music Conservatory.

Jean-Pol DANHIER, an open-minded musician, has been involved in multiple musical projects, ranging from contemporary improvised music (he played with Fred VAN HOVE, Christian LEROY, etc...) to traditional jazz (Albert LANGUE, Charles LOOS, Richard ROUSSELET, Paul DUBOIS and the Sweet Substitutes, etc...)

He also participated in groups such as :

  • ACT Big Band (several albums), one of the top Belgian big bands, led by Félix SIMTAINE (drs) and Michel HERR (p, cond.)
  • LILITH, with Claudine SIMON (p, comp)
  • SEVEN STEPS, with a.o. Richard ROUSSELET (tp), Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE (bass), Johan VANDENDRIESSCHE (bar sax), etc...
  • "H" SEPTET of pianist Pirly ZURSTRASSEN, with a.o. Pierre VAIANA (sax), Erwin VANN (sax), Daniel STOKART (sax), Antoine PRAWERMAN (b. clar.), Piet VERBIST (bass) and Jan DE HAAS (drs)

    Jean-Pol DANHIER appeared on numerous recordings, radio and tv shows, and festivals (Jazz Middelheim, Paris, Liège, Brussels Jazz Rally, Breda, Brussels, Salzburg etc...)

    His flexible talents allowed him to participate as an actor/musician in theater plays ("Silence Chavée") and short films.

    He currently plays with the A TRAIN SEXTET, of bassist/arranger Jean WARLAND, a band that plays music by Duke ELLINGTON, with a.o. Richard ROUSSELET (tp), Fabrice ALLEMAN (sax) and Michel HERR.

  • In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
    Paul Dubois and the Sweet Substitutes      New Sadi Bigband
    H Septet      Autumn In Blue Sextet
    Act Big Band      A Train Sextet

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