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Jean-Louis Rassinfosse
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Instrument(s) Double bass
Date of birth January 9, 1952
Place of birth Brussels
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Fax +32 (0)2 216 58 67
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 Current bands

Claudio Roditi / Klaus Ignatzek / Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (Leader)      L'Âme des Poètes (Leader)
Jean-Louis Rassinfosse / Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven duo (Leader)      WRaP ! (Leader)
Ruocco / Simtaine / Rassinfosse Trio (Leader)      Un autre trio (Sideman)
Manuel Hermia Quintet (Sideman)      From Duke to Monk (Sideman)
Frankinet / Hermans / Rassinfosse (Sideman)      Filippo Bianchini quartet (Sideman)
Charles Loos / Serge Lazarevitch Quintet (Sideman)      Bart Quartier Quintet (Sideman)
Alexandre Cavaliere - Manouche moderne (Sideman)     

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One of the most active musicians on the Belgian scene.

Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE has worked with the most prominent musicians in Belgium:
Toots THIELEMANS, Philip CATHERINE, Michel HERR, Steve HOUBEN, Charles LOOS, SADI, Jacques PELZER, etc...

As well as with international musicians touring Europe such as:

For a period of 10 years, he played and recorded with Chet BAKER (6 CD).

Since 1980 he has taught at the Liège Conservatory, summer clinics, and currently, at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels.

Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE tours all over the world as a member of numerous groups:

Tours extensively since 1988 with the "Klaus IGNATZEK international group" (11 CD) featuring Joe HENDERSON, Claudio RODITI, Gustavo BERGALLI, Jay ASHBY, and Romanian singer Anca PARGHEL.

In the Belgian jazz referendum organized by Belgian radios RTBF and VRT, Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE was elected best Belgian acoustic bass player of the year '98.

In April 2005, Jean-Louis was elected, for the second time, as chairman of the association of Jazz musicians in Belgium, LES LUNDIS D'HORTENSE.

He regularly plays with L'AME DES POETES

In September 2001, Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE released a new CD as a leader, titled "Crossworlds", in which he reunites two bands he regularly performs with : L'AME DES POETES and the international quintet of German pianist Klaus IGNATZEK.

He is featured on more than 60 C.D.s.

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Act Big Band(LP IGLOO 1002) B Chet Baker, J-L Rassinfosse, Philip Catherine(CD Igloo IGL 034) B
Chet Baker 4tet "Two A Day" (CD DREYFUS 191017) F Chet Baker Trio "Chet's Choice" (CD CRISS CROSS 1016) NL
Chet Baker Trio "Strollin" (LP ENJA 5005) D Chet Baker Trio "Candy" (LP SONET DNTF 946) GB
Chet Baker Trio "In Bologna" (CD DREYFUS 191133) F Deborah Brown + Slide Hampton
"My One And Only"
(LP JAZZCATS 6985013) B
Pol Closset "Sing Along" (LP VOGUE VPRVB 037) B Fabien Degryse "Medor Sadness" (CD COLLAGE EC454-2) D
European Swing Trio "Dedications" (CD Swingland 0005) D Oliver Gross + Billy Bontas 3
Peter Hens "More than Sympathy" (CD OPUS2 PH96001) B Klaus Ignatzek - Anca Parghel(CD BLUE FLAME 25152) D
Klaus Ignatzek - Anca Parghel "Indian Princess" (CD BLUE FLAME 25262) D Klaus Ignatzek Trio + Anca Parghel "Air Baloon" (CD NABEL 4651) D
Klaus Ignatzek 5tet + Anca Parghel, G.Bergalli
"Is That So?"
(CD KOALA CD P 24) D Klaus Ignatzek group + Joe Henderson
"Day For Night"
(CD NABEL 4639) D (LP NABEL 4639) D
Klaus Ignatzek 5tet + Claudio Roditi, Gustavo Bergalli
"Eight Languages"
(CD SEPTEMBER 5108) B Klaus Ignatzek 5tet + C.Roditi, G.Bergalli
"Today Is Tomorrow"
(CD NABEL 4654) D (LP NABEL 4654) D
Klaus Ignatzek 5tet + C. Roditi, G. Bergalli
"Son Of Gaudi"
(CD NABEL 4660) D Klaus Ignatzek 5tet + C. Roditi, G. Bergalli
"The Answer"
Klaus Ignatzek 5tet + C. Roditi, G. Bergalli
"Silent Horns"
(CD CANDID CCD79729) GB Klaus Ignatzek 5tet + J. Ashby, G. Bergalli
"Return Voyage"
Klaus Ignatzek Trio(CD YVP MUSIC 3025) D Klaus Ignatzek Quintet
(CD Acoustic Music Records 319.1097.2) D
Klaus Ignatzek International Quintet
"African Flower"
(CD Acoustic Music Records 319.1125.2) D Klaus Ignatzek Trio feat. Anca Parghel & JL Rassinfosse
"Primal Sound"
(CD Acoustic Music Records 319.1209.2) D
Eric Legnini Trio "Essentiels" (CD Igloo IGL 080) B Eric Legnini Trio "Natural Balance"(CD JAZZ CLUB 6013) B
Charles Loos Trio "Cocktail For Two" (LP RKM 4C054-97289) B Charles Loos 5tet "Sava" (LP IGLOO 1001) B
Charles Loos "Compositeurs Belges" (LP IGLOO IGL 023) B Marcia Maria "Passion"(CD IGLOO IGL 111) B
Paolo Radoni "Vento" (LP KBL 0778) CH Paolo Radoni Trio "A day Or Two" (CD B. SHARP CDS 095) B
John Ruocco 4tet "Soon Spring" (LP IGLOO 1008) B Saxo 1000 "Remember Jaspar-Thomas" (LP BDN MD0060) B
Christine Schaller+Act Big Band "Real life" (LP) CH Mimi Verderame "Speed Limit" (CD B.SHARP CDS 073) B

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Klaus Ignatzek / Anca Parghel / Jean-Louis Rassinfosse Trio      Rassinfosse/Collard-Neven/Alleman/Desandre-Navarre
South Spirits      Phil Abraham Quartet
Paolo Radoni Trio      Ten-Tamarre
Stéphane Mercier drumless quartet      Isabelle Rigaux + trio
Isabelle Rigaux + quartet      Fabrice Alleman Quartet
Fabrice Alleman One Shot Band      Fabien Degryse quintet
Ecaroh Quintet      Act Big Band

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