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Jean Borlée
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Instrument(s) Double bass
Date of birth 1966
Place of birth Liege
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 Current bands

Sébastien Semal & Why not Samba ? (Sideman)      Steps Quartet (Sideman)
Pascale Elia Quartet (Sideman)      Géraldine Cozier and the Swallows (Sideman)
Chapuis Street Big Band (Sideman)     

Jean BORLÉE was born in Liège in 1966
He studied guitar and piano as a schoolboy and got his basic musical knowledge while in secondary school. He began playing jazz guitar at 18.

Studies in Amay Academy from '84 to '89 with Jacques PIROTTON, Pirly ZURSTRASSEN, Pierre VAIANA, Richard ROUSSELET, Jean-Pol DANHIER and Erwin VANN.

Begins to play electric bass in '89 and acoustic bass in '92. Attends several jazz clinics with Michel HATZIGEORGIOU, Jean-Louis RASSINFOSSE, Eric LEGNINI, and Maurice MAGNONI.

Apart from Sloong Quartet, he plays currently with different bands including the " ateliers du lundi " at the " Cirque Divers " in Liège with a.o. Charly d'INVERNO, Philippe DOYEN and Jean CAMPOS, the New Quartet ( w/ R.Huppermans, Philippe REUL and Antoine CIRRI), The Blue Fable Trio ( w/ Paolo LOVERI and Vincent ANTOINE), the Up Stream quartet (w/ Ireneusz GRABOWSKI, Jérome NAHON and Adrien VERDERAME) and the Ready Jazz Band (Dixieland). He was also a member of the Evasion Big Band (1 CD recorded in '94)

He has played on stage with a.o. Jacques PELZER, Robert JEANNE, Eric LEGNINI, Steve HOUBEN, Pirly ZURTSRASSEN, Guy CABAY, Jacques IROTTON, Richard ROUSSELET, Jean-Pierre CATOUL, Jan DE HAAS, Mimi VERDERAME, Frédéric JACQUEMIN, Fabien DEDRYSE, Pierre BERNARD, Yves BODSON, Antoine CIRRI, François MATHUS, Charly D'INVERNO, Pierre LAFONTAINE, Michel MAINIL, Robert GRAHAME, Stéphane MARTINI, Renaud PATIGNY, Hilde VANHOVE and many others

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