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Hugo Antunes
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Instrument(s) Double bass
Date of birth June 5, 1974
Place of birth Portugal
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Phone +32 (0)474 270 952
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 Current bands

Seppe, Hugo & Paul (Leader)     

Education and training:

In 2011 released "The future of the past" VELKRO album on Pling records.
In 2010 released "Roll Call", for Clean Feed records.
In 2009 was awarded with an INOV ART scholarship (Did a research over improvised music in Brussels Belgium.);
In 2009 enrolled as a bachelor student in the Royal Belgium Conservatory in Brussels, studying with Christophe Walleme;
In 2008 during the Coimbra Jazz Festival, he was invited to participate in Jazz Orchestra Workshop conducted and oriented by the alto saxophone player Michael Attias, which ended with a live performance in the Festival;
In 2006 attended a Berklee summer workshop, in Perugia, Italy, oriented by Dave Clark;
In 2005 enrolled as a full-time bachelor student in the Amsterdam’s Conservatorium of Music. His major was Double Bass Jazz with Prof. Franz Van der Hooven;
In 2004, during the Coimbra Jazz Festival, was invited to participate in Jazz Orchestra Workshop conducted and oriented by the double bass player Adam Lane, which ended with a live performance in the Festival;
In 2003, during the Estoril Jazz Festival, attended a workshop with Rufus Reid;
In 2002 attended a Jazz workshop taking place in Valencia, Spain, with Mário Rossy;
In 2000(/2002) initiated his musical and double bass studies at “Luís Villas Boas” (Hot Club) in Lisbon.

Work Experience:

Bands and musicians he worked with:
Gerry Smullian USA; Michael Attias (USA); Nate Wooley (USA); Alexandra Samsonova Trio and Quartet with Jesus Santandreu; Carlo Magni Trio; Michel Charenc (France); Benny Lackner Trio with Mathieu Chazarenc; Carlos Carli Trio with German Kucich; Harmonics player Olivier Ker Orio; Phil Abraham (Belgium); Albert Bover (Spain); Christian Brewer (England); Quentin Collins (England); Michel Joussin (France); Loopless; VELKRO; Alexi Tuomarila (Finland); Robin Verheyen (Belgium); Winchovski (Belgium).

Music and performence with:

Nastio Mosquito, Trienal S. Paulo (Brasil), "Africalls", Casa de África, Spain, Las Palmas in 2008; "Evento", Bordeaux, France in 2009; Nastio e Kalaf, "Festival Mistura" 2008, at S. Luiz, Lisbon. "VOUS", International collective on improvised music, tap-toe, poetry, video. Lisbon, Portugal 2008, Apt, France 2009; "Deus.Pátria.Revolução.", play by Luis Bragança Gil e Luisa Costa Gomes, at CCB in Lisbon , Portugal 2008; S. João do Porto, Porto, Portugal 2009.

Music and improvised dance:

Ana Borges, Portugal; Luis Marrafa, Portugal/Belgium.


Double bass at Escola das Artes de Sines, and others, in Portugal. Workshops over Improvised music in Portugal and Norway.


2011 - VELKRO, "The future of the past" (Pling);
2010 - Hugo Antunes "Roll Call" (Clean Feed);
2008 – “ This can’t be love”, Musica das Esferas, David Ferreira debut album;
2008 – Companhia Olga Roriz;
2007 – “Valsa para a Terry” , Ana Paula Sousa Quartet;
2005 - “Fresco” , Tone of a Pitch , Vasco Agostinho’s Quartet.
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