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Jérémy Calbert
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Instrument(s) Piano
Date of birth 1977
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Stéphane Mercier & B. Connection (Sideman)     

Pianist Jérémy Calbert has started to learn the jazz piano and composition in summer stages from the age of 14.
Later at the school JazzStudio in Antwerp with piano teacher David Crane. Then, He jointed the conservatory in Liège in Garrett list's improvisation class.

After a few years playing in the fusion and free improvisation areas, he turned back to his masters and his first love -accoustic jazz- .

From 1999 to now, he played in several contries (Belgium, France, Germany, Poland, Russia, Turkey and Marocco) with several bands.
As Sideman:

    -First European tour and CD recording with " Orange Kazoo " (AZ1004).
    -Won the " Jazz tour " of " les lundis d'hortense " with "Stéphane Mercier and the B Connection".
    -Festival d'Essaouira (Marocco) with Malhem Abdulah Gania.
As leader:
    -Jérémy Calbert Trio
    With: Antoine Cirri Axel Gilain

    -The Silver Serenade Quintet
    with: Laurent Mercier, Chris Mentens, Melissa Anckaert, Jérome Van Den Bril

In 2002 he started as piano teacher in Jazz Studio School in Antwerp.
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