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Luiz Márquez
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Instrument(s) Soprano saxophone, Flute
Place of birth Mexico
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Phone +32 (0) 9 329 51 36
Phone + 32 (0)486 54 47 70
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Composer and leader of the musical Mezcal movement, which is inspired by the force of nature through Ethno Jazz.
It adds a new timbre to the repertory of the “world music”. Its sound is a merger of ethnical roots (Pre Hispanic, Mexican, Latin American, African and Arabian) with Jazz.
It uses several authentic instruments such as huéhuetl, teponaztle, turtoise shells, sea shells, ocarinas and a variety of flutes.

Luiz Márquez started his studies of ethnical music under supervision of maestro Zacharias Segura (QPD). This music touched his soul. After several musical experiments while living in Europe, Luiz Márquez decided to return to his roots: Mexico, whit its Indio’s, its landscapes, its tradition, its music.
He created a new sound, Ethno Jazz, combining the sophistication of the city world with his indigenous roots. His music is a pure relationship between North and South, melting magic of tradition and Blues and emphasizing relation of nature and human being.
During his investigation he participated in various projects and worked together with musicians as Rufus Thomas, Chris Whitley and others.


  • Album “El Coyote” 1989 (Pat More Records Belgium)
  • CD “Danza” 1992 (Peyote Records United Kingdom)
  • CD “Pajaros Libres 1995 (B. Sharp Records Belgium)
  • CD “Systol” 1997 (As Palavras Records Brasil)
  • CD “Izcalli” Oda a Fray Pedro de Gante 2001 (Culture Records Belgium)
  • CD “From Shell to Sax”
ResearchI.P.E.M. (Institute for Psycho-acoustic and Electronic Music, University Ghent, Belgium)Jazz Studio, Royal Music Conservatory, Ghent, Belgium

Compositions for theatre, dance and poetry“Laura”“Gota Gota”“El Rebozo”“Het dispuut van Valladolid”“Systol”“De gevederde Slang””Poetas del mundo Náhuatl”“Canto de un continente”“Flor y Canto”

FestivalsBrussels Jazz Rally (BE); Expo Internacional Sevilla (ESP); Jazz Rally Festival Düsseldorf (DE); Gentse Feesten (BE); Festival of Dance Theatre Moscow (RU); Jazz en Otoño (MEX); Fiesta de la muerte (BE); International Jazz Festival Lille (FR); Festival Internacional de Teatro Circula Nal. de Bellas Artes (ESP); Art Point Festival Koblenz (DE); Dance and Music Festival Tallin (EST); Candela Festival (BE); Jazz Festival Terneuzen (NL); Theatre BOM Festival (BE); International Story Teller Festival (NL)...

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