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Jeroen Van Herzeele
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Instrument(s) Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone, Flute, Composer
Date of birth September 13, 1965
Place of birth Zottegem
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 Current bands

3 Continents (Leader)      Jeroen Van Herzeele Trio (Leader)
Gratitude trio (Sideman)      Mâäk KOJO (Sideman)
MikMâäk (Sideman)      Barcella / Van Herzeele duo (Sideman)
Giovanni Di Domenico UNUS DIGIT (Sideman)      Erik Bogaerts Kwartet (Sideman)
Zygomatik (Sideman)      Trance Mission (Sideman)
The potash corporation of Saskatchewan (Sideman)      Sal La Rocca quartet (Sideman)
Mâäk Quintet (Sideman)     

After having completed highschool, specializing in music, Jeroen attends jazz lessons at the Antwerp Jazz Studio, with Dave PIKE, Peter HERTMANS and John RUOCCO. He also attended workshops with Joe LOVANO, Dave LIEBMAN, Steve GROSSMAN, Bill PIERCE.

In '99, he receives the Belgian Django d'Or.

He now teaches saxophone and ensemble at Royal Brussels Conservatory.

Plays (and did play) in numerous groups :

As a leader or co-leader : He leads his own trio, he co-leads MÄÄK's SPIRIT with trumpet player Laurent BLONDIAU.
In a more contemporary acid-jazz-rock-rap vein, he leads Greetings from Mercury.



    North Sea Jazz Festival (with Octurn)- Den Haag (1994)
    Prague - EBU Big Band (1995)
    Barcelona - Poetry Project (1995)
    Middelheim Jazz Festival - Antwerp
    Stockholm-Gothenburg-Uppsala Tour - Chris Joris Experience (1997)
    Montreal Jazz Festival - Octurn (1997)
    Knitting Factory ( New York ) - Octurn (1997)
    Syria and Lebanon - ( Jazz Caravan ) - Ode For Joe (1997)
    Liège Jazz Festival
    "Festival des Lundis d'Hortense" - Brussels

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Jeroen VAN HERZEELE Trio "At the Cross Roads" (Carbon 7 - 017 - 1995)
Fabrizio CASSOL / Kris DEFOORT "Variations On a Love Supreme" (W.E.R.F - 005 - 1995)
Nathalie LORIERS Quartet "Dance Or Die" (Igloo IGL 105 - 1993)
Diederik WISSELS - David LINX Group"If One More Day" (TWI970-2- Crepuscule - 1993)
TOMAS and Co le Singulier des Pluriels (1996, Tomas and Co)

Read an interview of Jeroen VAN HERZEELE in the Journal of the Lundis d'Hortense (in French).

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Greetings from Mercury      Ode For Joe
Sal La Rocca Band      Tomas and Co Tentet
Sax No End      Variations On A Love Supreme
Travelling Joni Mitchell      Hommage to Jaco Pastorius
Ben Sluijs Quintet "The Unplayables"      Ben Sluijs Quartet
Marco Locurcio Sextet      Kris Defoort & Dreamtime

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