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Paul Bourdiaudhy
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Instrument(s) Trombone, Drums
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Paul Bourdiaudhy has played the trombone in numerous bands.

He was during many years a member of the BRT Jazzorkest, led by Etienne Verschueren. In this context, he has he opportunity to play many concerts, record with well known American and European soloists and arrangers. He appeared serveral times with the band at the Middelheim Jazz Festival in Antwerp.

He also played and recorded albums with ACT BIG BAND, with Bob Porter, etc...

His flexibility allows him to be at ease in various musical styles : modern or old style jazz (he plays these days a.o. with Renaud Patigny's Minerva Jazz Band), fusion, pop music (he plays with singer Tonia), etc...

He led his own big band the "Gruncho Granola Big Band", with a.o. Theo Mertens en Eddy House.

He also plays the drums.

Associated bands:
Minerva Jazz band     

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