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Olivier Poumay
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Instrument(s) Harmonica, Composer
Date of birth February 25, 1967
Place of birth Liege
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Phone +32 (0)471 29 24 02
C/O Lyuba Neva
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 Current bands

Sheng (Leader)      Michel Mainil - Vincent Romain quintet (Sideman)

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Born in Liège 1967 and starts playing a diatonic harmonica at the age of 6, by reproducing melodies he heard played around.

In '88 he participates in a workshop, with Thierry Crommen and definitely opts for the chromatic harmonica

He continues to develop his technique while playing with Jacques Pelzer, Jean-Pierre Catoul and studies harmony, academy of Amay, with Pirly Zurstrassen, harmony, rhythm with Fabien Degryse, Erwin Vann and Pierre Vaiana.

He graduates in 1993 and October '94 joins the Brussels conservatory, where he follows lessons with Richard Rousselet, Guy Cabay, Arnould Massart, Jean-Louis Rassinfosse and Michel Hatzigeorgiou.
Since 1997 he is the only one to have obtained 1st prize for harmonica.

He plays different styles of music, country, pop music, traditional European, jazz and blues.
He appears together with J.-P. Froidebise, M. Dekoker (voc, g), V. Pereira Da Costa, Y. Vidal, J.-D. Tourneur, F. Charlier (g), M. Marissiaux, J. Thysen, L. Evens, J. Borlée, S. Gertsmans, E. Fusillier (bs), P. Reul (g, p, bs), F. Malempré, S. Pougin, J. De Haas (pc), O. Collette (p) P. Debatice (vin), C. Mullin (diat. acc) ... .

In 1998 he started playing duo with guitarist Alain Pierre who also participates in his "Olivier Poumay jazz meeting" project with Jean Campos (d) and Olivier STALON (B). The group plays standards and original compositions.

They also had a tribute to Chet Baker, where Marc Frankinet (tp) joined in to perform at Huy festival, the Marcus-Mingus, the Casino of Spa and other clubs.

Olivier Poumay is also member in various groups, playing Blues like with "Boogie Workers", In January 2000 they released their album IT'S BOOGIE TIME and also playing traditional music.

He then makes close contact with the Moroccan community to create a music of collaboration with Abid El Bahri (ud & sentir) (festival "ça jazz à Huy").

His project : the band UPANISHADS with a.o. saxophonist Pierre VAIANA.

Since he moved to live in Brussels, he formed an acoustic trio (Sheng) of intimist character with Philippe Malfeyt (luth & théorbe) and Johan De Baedts (Pc).

He is also member of the group Burning Plague (blues rock) and "Afromandinka".

In the summer of 2004, he played with Upanishads at the Montreux Jazz festival.

In 2004, he's guest in the second CD of Luthomania "Itinérances" with Sigrid Vandenbogaerde (cello), Steve Houben (sop sax), Chris Joris (Perc.) and Gwenaël Micault (acc, bandoneon).

His meeting with Denys started a duo "Denys Lefrançois and Olivier Poumay". It's a French songs duo...

Pierre Vaiana wrote about him:

"musician of great quality, polyvalent and at ease with various styles...
He is managing, on his diatonic harmonica, to develop an original technique which enables him to exceed the tones imposed by the limits of the instrument.
On his chromatic harmonica he follows in the steps of his masters while giving his playing a personal signature".

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:

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