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Pascal Mohy
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Instrument(s) Piano
Date of birth September 21, 1980
Place of birth Liege
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Phone +32 (0)496 81 50 54
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 Current bands

Hermia - Mohy - Gerstmans (Leader)      Mohy - Liégeois - Gerstmans (Leader)
Pascal Mohy Trio (Leader)      Mélanie De Biasio / Pascal Mohy (Leader)
Pascal Mohy Quartet (Leader)      Melanie De Biasio (Sideman)
Sal La Rocca quartet (Sideman)      Witchunt (Sideman)
Vincent Antoine Quartet (Sideman)      Houben & son (Sideman)
Maxime Blésin HBS 6 (Sideman)      Jazz for Kids (Sideman)
Greg Houben quartet meets Pierrick Pedron (Sideman)      Gilles Repond Quintet (Sideman)
Bop and Soul Sextt (Sideman)      Après un rêve (Sideman)

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Pascal Mohy appeared with his quartet, in several clubs and festivals, with guitarist Quentin Liégeois. He also appeared with Walhouse of Jazz at the Liège festival and regularly performs with singer Mélanie De Biasio, in duo or a.o. with Steve Houben (CD).

In 2007, during the Belgian Django d'Or ceremony, he receives the award of the young talent.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Pascal Mohy Quartet (old version)      Pascal Mohy Trio (old version)
Now then and again      Bloody Mary
Wal House Of Jazz      Toine Thys Quintet
Sal La Rocca Band     

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