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Peter Maguire
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Instrument(s) Valve trombone
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Peter MAGUIRE was taught the piano from the age of five. From the age of eleven Tenor Horn was his next instrument, playing with the school brass band, and then euphonium. During service in the RAF he bought his first valve trombone.

Worked with a whole spectrum of groups in Sixties London clubs and bars. Le Macabre, The Bastille, The Nucleus, Sam Widges, The Left Wing Coffee House, and many other now forgotton venues.

Returned to the North of England. Stints with Blue Beat Bands in the Moss Side clubs. Sideman with the Victor Brox Blues Train. The Jazztette. Special Brew. Various other groups and styles ranging through New Orleans, R&B, Mainstream, Modern.

Moved to Belgium in nineteen eighty nine. Played with the late Willy VANDE WALLE's JAZZ EXPRESS for several years.

Has performed in clubs in most of the major European capitals. Festivals appearances include Dunkirk and San Sebastian.

Peter MAGUIRE is also the creator of the web site "Jazz Clubs Worldwide - Musicians Worldwide", on which he has a page (a.o. with audio samples and concert calendar).


  • THE JAZZTETTE. The Picadilly Radio Sessions. (JT-02)
  • THE JAZZTETTE. Live at HJC. (JT-06)
  • Willy VANDE WALLE Quartet "MIDNIGHT" (B.SHARP CDS 074)

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