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Gregory Houben
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Instrument(s) Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Date of birth September 18, 1978
Place of birth Polleur
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 Current bands

Après un rêve (Leader)      Gregory Houben Trio (Leader)
Greg Houben trio "My Way" (Leader)      Houben & son (Leader)
Fiorini / Houben Quartet (Leader)      Greg Houben Brazilian Trio (Leader)
Bop and Soul Sextt (Sideman)      Greg Houben quartet meets Pierrick Pedron (Sideman)
Maxime Blésin HBS 6 (Sideman)     

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Gregory HOUBEN was born in a family of musicians. His father is the well known saxophone and flute player Steve HOUBEN.

Between 1992 and 1996, he first studies diction and acting, then makes a long trip to Brasil, where he really gets struck by music.

In 1997, he studies at the Conservatory of Verviers, then in 1998-2000, at the Maastricht Conservatory with trumpet player Rob BRUYNEN.

In 2002, he joins the Brussels Conservatory, whe his teacher is Richard ROUSSELET.

He also gets involved in several theater projects.

He then starts playing with several jazz bands. His models are definitely the great trumpet players of the fifties and sixties, Miles DAVIS, Chet BAKER, Kenny DORHAM, etc. He loves a post bop or cool style that he occasionnally combines with a soft-tone voice, singing jazz standards with a tone reminding of Chet BAKER.

In October 2002, he makes a remarkable appearance at the Ciney Jazz Night in a Tribute to Chet BAKER with a Trio from Hungary with Joseph BALASZ (piano), Christian PECEK LAKATOS (bass) and Andrew MOHAY (drs), and also with a band composed of his father Steve HOUBEN (sax, fl), Jacques PIROTTON (gt), Samuel GERSTMANS (double bass), and Micheline PELZER (drs). In these contexts, he both played the trumpet and sang a few numbers.

Gregory HOUBEN plays in several other bands and is currently becoming every day more and more active on the Belgian jazz scene.

He also cultivates his links with theater. In October 2002, the Brussels "Théâtre de Poche" presents a play by Joseph Moncure MARCH titled "The Wild Party", in which he leads a jazz band.

He also played with singer Mélanie De Biasio.

He played with the band "Brazz", Brazilian music with guitarist Maxime Blésin.

With classical singer Julie Mossay, he forms the group "Après un rêve", mixing classical music and jazz.

As a sideman, he plays with “Now, then and again” with Steve Houben and Mélanie De Biasio, with “Agua de Beber” with Brasilian musicians, and various "one shot" projects involving Michel Herr, Stéphane Belmondo, Mimi Verderame, Jan de Haas, Philippe Aerts, Rick Hollander, Michael Blass, Stephan Pougin, Jacques Pirotton, Sal La Rocca, Hans Van Oosterhout, Pirly Zurstrassen, Jano Buchem, Bart De Nolf, Bruno Castellucci…

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Brazz      4 for Chet
Robert Jeanne Quintet      Now then and again

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