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Corry Fly
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Instrument(s) Vocals
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I travelled through the world,
I ran limp them to sing the jazz,
I rolled my bump in catacombs,
I found myself again completely in gas.

When I was a baby I already idled about,
I was small girl, I continued
My adolescence didn't save me
And when I was woman, in short I sang.

TODAY is a great new day .

Author - Composer - Interpreter, I allow the lunacy. That Rolls and that moves, I dare what others don't dare

    How I am called? Corry Fly
    My blood ? It is Belgian, of course!
    How old am I ? What a question! One must never put it to women!
" And then,...
Is it finished the cross-examination now?
" Hey so-called, when one does singing,...?
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