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Fabian Fiorini
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Instrument(s) Piano, Composer
Date of birth March 23, 1973
Place of birth Liege
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 Current bands

3io Fiorini/Lehr/Sardjoe (Leader)      MikMâäk (Leader)
Fabien Fiorini / Jan Rzewski duo (Leader)      Désir & Fiorini (Leader)
Fiorini / Houben Quartet (Leader)      Monk's mood (Sideman)
Orchestra Vivo ! (Sideman)      Octurn (Sideman)
Mr Kindhoover (Sideman)     

Fabian FIORINI studied at the Brussels and Liège conservatories, where he obtained prizes for solfege, history, harmony and analysis.

He also won the award for jazz composition by the French speaking public radios in 1993 with the trio VANDERSTRAETEN - CHARLIER - FIORINI.

Festival appearances:

Festival des Douze 1992 (duo CASSOL - FIORINI)
Festival de Jazz de Gouvy 1992 (quintet Guy CABAY)
Festival de Jazz de Liège 1993 (duo CABAY-FIORINI)
Rally Jazz 1992 Sevilla (Spain) / 1993 Düsseldorf (Germany)
Festival Piano Solo at the Travers club, Brussels 1994 (solo)
With Marcia MARIA (sideman) 1996 (art & vie tour + festivals)

Compositions for theatre:

In Belgium:
1991: Le p'tit Arthur (Théâtre-Poème)
1994: Ce désir éperdu de clarte (Théâtre de la place)

In France:
1993: creation Théâtre Troglodyte (Angers), co-production Franco-Czheck.

For films:
1995: Violette & Framboise, film by Kita BAUCHET (presented as graduation work).
1996: Le temps d'un souffle, A. DEMUYNCK, K. BAUCHET.
1994: FaSol FaDo (duo CABAY-FIORINI)

A composition for a tribute concert to North American Indians, performed by the trio DE JAER-GALLAND-FIORINI on Radio 3, 1994.

Close collaboration with Baudouin DE JAER, as performer and composer for Lucy Cry of Hypocamp, created by the Orchestre Philharmonique de Liège in the framework of Antwerp 93.

As a performer for Les Joueurs de Gong, created by 9 gong players on the occasion of Reg'Arts 94.

as performer-improviser for Mountain-Fountain, recorded by the DE JAER-FIORINI for the company Pierre DROULERS, 1995.

Sound assistant for Par les Villages, a piece by P. HANDKE, directed and shown by Groupe EVORA at the Théâtre National, 1996.

Recently, collaborations with OCTURN (CD), Rhonny VENTAT's Tribute to Cannonball ADDERLEY, with Brasilian singer Marcia MARIA and AKA MOON (several CDs).
He played for the film "A drift on the remains of a grand piano".

He also participated to a "Silent Movies II" (ICTUS) concert as a solo improviser.

With AKA MOON, CD IN REAL TIME (Carbon 7 052)

He has often been associated with the Belgian avant-guard bands, such as AKA MOON and OCTURN, with which he recorded several albums.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Barbara Wiernik sextet      Al Funduq

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