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Jean-Paul Estiévenart
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Instrument(s) Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Date of birth March 14, 1985
Place of birth Mons
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Phone +32 (0)479 76 62 25
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 Current bands

Jean-Paul Estievenart quintet (Leader)      Jean-Paul Estiévenart trio (Leader)
Jérémy Dumont Quintet (Sideman)      Higham / Castellucci quintet (Sideman)
LG Jazz Collective (Sideman)      L'Orchestre du Lion (Sideman)
God Save The Swing! (Sideman)      Fabrizio Graceffa Band (Sideman)
Ewout Pierreux group (Sideman)      Collapse (Sideman)
Antoine Pierre, Urbex Electric (Sideman)      Antoine Pierre Urbex (Sideman)
Alex Koo Quadrum (Sideman)      Al Orkesta (Sideman)
Timeless (Sideman)      The heavy muffulettas (Sideman)
The Jazz Station Big Band (Sideman)      Ruby (Sideman)
Mister Dumont (Sideman)      MikMâäk (Sideman)
Marco Locurcio Group (Sideman)      Manuel Hermia Quintet (Sideman)
Manolo Cabras quartet (Sideman)      Lorenzo Di Maio "Black Rainbow" (Sideman)
Lady Linn and Her Magnificent Big Band (Sideman)     

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Jean-Paul Estiévenart (1985) started playing the trumpet in the fanfare of his village, in the Belgian countryside, following his grandfather's path. He then kept on studying this complex instrument at the Academy of St Ghislain for ten years where he got to know Jazz music and instantly became passionate about it.

He moved to Brussels in 2004 and quickly became a key figure in Belgian jazz. He started playing around at a frantic pace that has never decreased…

In 2013, he launched a new musical adventure by creating his own trio with Sam Gerstmans on double-bass and Antoine Pierre on drums.

Their debut album, "Wanted" (W.E.R.F. Records, 2013) has set a singular scene in the Belgian jazz landscape and has marked the beginning of a story. The trio is deeply impregnated by jazz tradition but constantly plays with its codes and extends its borders, while maintaining the elegance and authenticity of its heritage. Their second album, "Behind The Darkness" (Igloo Records, 2016) is an autobiographical opus that refers to the trumpeter's childhood in coal dumps. It also represents the moments of darkness encountered during his existence. The title of the album however announces a positive outcome, while Jean-Paul has just turned 30 years old.

Within a 10 years carreer, Jean-Paul Estiévenart had the opportunity to meet great names on the international jazz scene (Enrico Pieranuzzi, Nathalie Loriers, Avishai Cohen - trumpet, Logan Richardson, Dré Pallemaerts, Joe Lovano, Noel Gallagher, the Brussels jazz orchestra, Perico Sambeat, Maria Schneider, ...). He has been playing in a dozen Belgian bands as sideman (Antoine Pierre Urbex, Lorenzo Di Maio quintet, LG Jazz Collective, Manolo Cabras 4tet, Manu Hermia Freetet, Big Band Jazz Station, Mik Maak and many others).

This makes him the most demanded trumpet player in the country, with more than 40 albums to his credit.

In September 2018, Jean-Paul Estiévenart will launch his new quintet with Roman Pilon (guitar), Nicola Andrioli (piano), Nic thys (double-bass) and Antoine Pierre (drums). This is an opportunity for the trumpet player to be in charge of a project with 2 harmonic instruments, unlike his trio which has none. The repertoire, still in writing, will offer lyrical and energetic music and will leave plenty of room for the improvisation of each performer. In parallel, Jean-Paul is also preparing a third album with his trio.

His career as a leader is probably just beginning ...

AWARDS • Django D’Or 2006
• Belgian member i nthe European Youth Jazz Orchestra 2007
• Octaves de la Musique 2009 with his first album in quartet "4in1".

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
4in1      Bimini Quartet
Can Angels Swing?      Bernard Guyot / Charles Loos Summer Residence
Fabrizio Graceffa Quartet      Cool Coast
Winter Sweet ( Wiernik / Estiévenart / De Looze )      The Bundle
Rêve d'Eléphant Orchestra      New Sadi Bigband

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