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Angelo Gregorio
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Instrument(s) Tenor saxophone
Date of birth 1983
Place of birth Salerno (I)
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Angelo Gregorio / Paolo Loveri (Leader)      Angelo Gregorio Via Toledo Jazz Quartet (Leader)

Born in 1983 in Salerno, Italy, Angelo is someone who lives and breathes music. His main instrument is the saxophone, but he has been playing the guitar since the age of 9. As a singer-songwriter, piano player and even short story writer, he’s definitely someone with something to say.

Angelo Gregorio entered the world of music at a very young age.

He began with guitar and voice followed by saxophone and piano at the “G. Martucci” Classical Conservatory in Italy. During his time at the Conservatory he won several singer-songwriter competitions, such as the San Marino Voice Festival and the Accademia di Sanremo.

After completing his diploma in classical music, he became more and more absorbed by jazz and improvised creative music, making several trips to the USA to study with teachers such as Ted Curson, Enrico Granafei, Lenny Argese, Kate Winslet, Dick Oatts and Vic Juris.

In the meantime, he moved from Italy to Brussels, Belgium, where he studied at the Flemish Jazz Conservatory of Brussels with teachers such as Kurt Budé and Jeroen Van Herzeele.

In the capital of Europe, he founded his Italian pop/rock band which bears his name and produced two records of his original Italian songs. Thanks to this project, he has been able to sing and play all over Europe as part of numerous events including RUHR2010, Love Parade Commemoration 2011/2012, Ahrnem Music Festival, Jazz in Laurino 2011 and many others. A new record of his original compositions is coming out in the near future.

He has won a number of prizes for his saxophone playing, such as Best Saxophone Player at Jazz in Laurino 2009, under teacher George Garzone, and the first prize of the Conservatory of Italy.

In Brussels he started working on Alla Ricerca Delle Radici – Searching for the Roots, which is his first solo saxophone record. Here, he also uses a loop machine under the American label Trumpets Productions, LLC. On this album, he is playing the saxophone in a way that no one has ever played it before.

“He’s my main man!” – George Garzone on Angelo Currently (2014), he is the founder/arranger/conductor of the “Orchestra Italiana Bruxelles”. He has played with renowned musician Bruno Castellucci and the unique American harmonica player Enrico Granafei. He is in the final year of his second diploma at the jazz department of the “Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles”, and is playing with several different projects.

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