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Thomas Maillet
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Instrument(s) Guitar
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Virtuoso guitarist Thomas Maillet always had a two sides life: Graduated in classical guitar from prestigious establishments such as the conservatoire royal de bruxelles or the universität mozarteum salzburg, he has nevertheless kept a busy activity in more improvised musical fields.

He could share the stage with many young european jazz “cats”.

Beside his academical training, thomas has always felt a strong love for improvisation and spontaneity. He has studied or has played with many Belgian jazz or pop musicians: Guy cabay, paolo loveri, marco locurcio, peter hertmans, kris defoort, félix zurstrassen, thibault dille, yves gourmeur among others. He has toured with belgian songwriters julie roses and luz chabane.

He is the founder member of tsar, an artistic production company based in brussels that advices musicians on any field of their musical output : Arranging, copyrights, technology, strategy, visual impact and so on.

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