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Jean Robert
Information Discography
Instrument(s) Tenor saxophone, Alto saxophone, Clarinet
Date of birth June 1908
Place of birth Brussels
Date of death 1981
Place of death Hilversum (NL)
One of Belgium's most important saxophone players and bandleaders in the pre-WW2 era in Belgium, sometimes compared to Coleman Hawkins.

He played with the bands of Peter Packay (The Red Robins), Chas Remue, Gus Deloof, Albert Sykes, Jean Omer, Robert De Kers, Freddy Johnson and his own bands, too, like the Atlanta band (with a.o. Gus Deloof and John Ouwerx).

In the second part of his career, he focused on his activities as a composer/arranger, mainly in the Netherlands.

See this Blog (Hans Koert), with biographical, discographical infos and photographs.

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