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Victor Foulon
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Instrument(s) Double bass
Date of birth November 21, 1986
Place of birth Brussels (Ixelles)
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Phone +32 (0)498 490 510
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 Current bands

Swingalicious Big Band (Sideman)      Saying Somethin' 4tet (Sideman)
Olivier Collette trio (Sideman)      Olivier Collette "Phi" (Sideman)
Jérémy Dumont Trio (Sideman)      God Save The Swing! (Sideman)
Diederik Wissels "Pasarela" (Sideman)     

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Victor Foulon was born on November 21, 1986. He discovered the joys of making music during his adolescent years, thanks to his grand father who showed him a few chords of the Bossa Nova. Quickly passionated, He gained a place at the conservatory in 2008 where he studied jazz guitar followed by jazz upright bass three years later.

Having graduated in both instruments, we now find him on Upright bass in projects going from traditional swing to more contemporary jazz. His guitar skills are used to develop his interest in world-wide music. In 2010 he received 1st prize “du concours jeune talent” at the festival of Comblain-la-Tour with the Evan Surya quartet (guitar) then in 2012 with “Saying Somethin' quartet" (bass).

You might have heard him play with Bob Mover (US), Dmitry Baevsky (RUS), Nicola Andrioli, Jean-Paul Estievenart,Quentin Liégois, Dominco Sana (IT), Lorenzo Di Maio,Chrystel Wautier, Bart Defoort, Frederic Malampré, Kenny Jeanney, Thibaut François (FR), Andrea Molinari (IT), Michel Paré, Jerome Klein, Toine Thys, Maayan Smith, Mathias De Wael, Mathieu Vandenabeele, Jerome Baudart, Manu Bonetti, Sabin Todorov, Jeremy Dumont, Thomas Mayade, Dorian Dumont, Matteo Carola, Mathieu Robert, Armando Luango, Julien Delbrouck, Laurent Barbier, Joachim Caffonnette, Florent Géniaux, Tom Bourgeois, Margaux Vranken, Martin Méreau, Kathy Adam, Charlotte Danhier, Seb Duthoit, Hibou (Simon Beriaux)...

In 2014, he records for the Film Score of the movie "Les Liberterres".

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