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Herman Pardon
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth May 29, 1965
Place of birth Brussels
 Current bands

t-unit 7 (Sideman)      Zygomatik (Sideman)
Tom Van Dyck & t-unit4 (Sideman)      MP4 (Sideman)
KollecTiv (Sideman)      Alain Cupper Quintet (Sideman)

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Herman PARDON studies music at the Music Academies of Tervuren and Hoeilaart with drummer Armand VANDEWALLE (drummer of the BRT radio Jazzorkest).
Participates in jazz workshops in Dworp, with a.o. drummers Erik INEKE and Dré PALLEMAERTS.

Completes his studies in philosophy at the University of Leuven.
After the university, goes back to music studying at the Conservatory of Rotterdam, with a.o. Peter YPMA, Fred KRENS and Hans VAN OOSTERHOUT. Workshops with o.a. Jeff HAMILTON, Adam NUSSBAUM and Steve SMITH. Concerts/workshops with a.o. Bob BROOKMEYER, Jim HALL, Joe PASS, Jim McNEELY, Joe LOVANO, Clark TERRY, Lee KONITZ, etc...

Outside of the school context, he starts working as a freelance drummer with a.o. Dick DE GRAAF, Bob BROOKMEYER. He also takes private lessons from Steve CLOVER in Tilburg.

After his studies and his time in the army, he starts teaching drums in a private school in Leuven (B).
His playing activities : he plays with a.o. OCTURN, the Jan MUËS Sextet etc...

Concerts in France, Germany, Marocco, Spain (world fair Sevilla), Milano (cultural exchange), Middelheim Jazzfestival, Liège Jazz festival, Lundis D'Hortense Festival, Heineken Jazzfestival Rotterdam.

CD recordings with a.o. Ernst VRANCKX, Bert JORIS and John RUOCCO, and some concerts with Kenny WHEELER.

Teaches drums and rhythm at the Antwerp Jazz Studio and the Conservatory of Ghent since 98.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Fabrizio Graceffa Quartet     

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