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Guillaume Vierset
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Composer, Arranger
Date of birth 1987
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 Current bands

Guillaume Vierset - Harvest Group (Leader)      LG Jazz Collective (Leader)
Les 3 G (Sideman)      GribouJazz "Le Jazz raconté aux enfants" (Sideman)
Thomas Champagne Random House (Sideman)      The Green Dolphin’s (Sideman)

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Guillaume took up the guitar at seven, influenced by his father, a country guitar player. From 1996 to 2005, he learned to play the classical guitar and went on further by studying jazz with Alain PIERRE at the music Academy of Huy and Philippe DOYEN at the music Academy of Amay.

At the same time, he took part in several courses at Lundis d'Hortense "JAZZ AU VERT" (Pierre VAN DORMAEL, Peter HERTMANS, Ivan PADUART, Paolo RADONI,..).

After having played with many pop or rock bands, he felt the need to head for a more improvised music. He created the MORNING WARM WHISKY trio that allowed him to focalize more on improvization but also on composition. He took part in a session for the "electro jazz album" of Karl OFF.

2007: he went on with his studies at the Royal School of Brussels where he got the chance to learn with Arnaud MASSART, Pirly ZURSTRASSEN, Fabrice ALLEMAN, Fabien DEGRYSE, Guy CABAY... At the same time, he set up a first musial project : a band called THE GREEN DOLPHINS with whose he took part in many jazz sessions in Brussels area.

THE GREEN DOLPHINS is joining the collective " CA BALANCE PAS MAL" and one of its composition is featured on the 2011 compilation.

2008: he attended jazz courses in Italy with, among others, Keny BARON. 2010: he took part in the competition "TUSCIA IN JAZZ" with the FEEL TRIO and is through the final.

Guillaume takes part in many masterclasses and clinics of which those of Kurt ROSENWINKEL, Antonio SANCHEZ, Philip CATHERINE, Jonathan KREISBERG...

He had the oportunity to play in several festivals and concert halls among which the DINANT JAZZ NIGHT, the COMBLAIN JAZZ FESTIVAL, the INTERNATIONAL JAZZ FESTIVAL in Liège, MONS EN JAZZ, MUSIC VILLAGE, JAZZ A HUY, house of culture LES CHIROUX, JAZZ AT HOME, GAUME JAZZ, JAZZ 04, EBEN-EMAEL FESTIVAL...

Guillaume is continually in search, whether in the manner he improvizes or he composes. Passionately fond of standards and tradition, he is also attracted to modern jazz.

Composition is an integral part of his work that he uses fully with the creation of his quartet. A writing project for a big musical band has been on the way, as well as a lot of other projects.

His actual bands are : Guillaume Vierset Quartet, Guillaume Vierset Standard Trio, The Green Dolphins, Lecharlier-Vierset Duet, Emotional Green...

- 2002: Prize-winner for the classical guitar (Academy of Huy)
- 2008: Prize of the best group with THE GREEN DOLPHINS (second edition of JAZZ CAT RALLY in Brussels)
- 2010: second place at the competition COMBLAIN JAZZ FESTIVAL with ADRIEN VOLANT QUARTET.
- Guillaume wins the prize of the best soloist (COMBLAIN JAZZ 2011) and the third place for the best group with GUILLAUME VIERSET
- Third place and public prize for GUILLAUME VIERSET QUARTET (competition JAZZ XL during the BRUSSELS JAZZ MARATHON 2011).

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Guillaume Vierset quartet      Lecharlier / Vierset duo
Bravo Big Band      Adrien Volant Quartet

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