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Gino Lattuca
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Instrument(s) Trumpet, Flugelhorn
Date of birth January 6, 1955
Place of birth Mons
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 Current bands

Gino Lattuca Quartet (Leader)      Alain Cupper Quintet (Sideman)
The Belgium Jazz Big Band (Sideman)      Kind of Blue Tribute (Sideman)
Village Big Band (Sideman)     

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Of Italian origin, Gino LATTUCA was born Belgium.
He received first prize for trumpet, studying with André MARCHAL, at the Mons Conservatory and thereafter plays a few concerts with the Orchestre National and that of the Radio Télévision Belge.
He turns to jazz and makes a first appearance, very much noticed, at the Jazz Middelheim festival in 1983 (Antwerp).

Soloist of the Paolo RADONI group at the Ostend Festival (85), he appears for the first time with the group DIVA SMILES of pianist Kris DEFOORT on the occasion of the Loppem Jazz Festival (85) and Jazz Middelheim Festival the same year. He appears on the album of that band.
Later on, he will play in duo with Charles LOOS during the Belga Jazz Festival in 87.

Frequently invited to participate with ACT BIG BAND of Félix SIMTAINE, WIM BIG BAND of Fred VAN HOVE, LILITH of Claudine SIMON, Bruno CASTELLUCCI quartet, Mimi VERDERAME Quintet and his JAZZ ADDICTION BAND ( CD NICE CAP on Lyrae), Robert JEANNE Quintet, FREE TIME of the German Martin DOEPKE, also with KING SIZE DICK (German rock).
He also plays with the BRUSSELS JAZZ ORCHESTRA and recorded with that big band several CDs..

He recorded with the Italian singer Gianna NANNINI, LILITH, DIVA SMILES, the KD's PRETTY BIG BASEMENT PARTY of pianist Kris DEFOORT, the quintet of pianist Myriam ALTER as well as with the American singer Judy NIEMACK and with Belgian singer David LINX, or with pianist Michael BLASS, saxophonist Steve HOUBEN etc...

His bands included at different times top musicians such as pianists Michael BLASS, Ivan PADUART or Michel HERR, bassists Benoît VANDERSTRAETEN, Bart DE NOLF or Sal LA ROCCA and drummer Mimi VERDERAME.
Gino LATTUCA accompanied the American saxophonist Andy McGHEE.

During the Gouvy '97 Festival, he played with saxophonist Fabrice ALLEMAN and the Kenny WERNER Trio.
He plays in salsa bands and Brazilian music for tours in Scandinavia.

He plays in the quintet of guitarist Marco LOCURCIO. A live recording "Giulia is asleep is available on the Belgian LYRAE label.

Gino appears on the cd Jean-Pierre GEBLER Belgian All Stars : Meggie (Gam 917) etc...

Shifting from one style to another but always keeping a profound attachment to post bop jazz, Gino LATTUCA is considered a first rate musician of international format who is appreciated by all.

As a leader, Gino presents his own quartet or quintet.

Gino LATTUCA recorded in 1992 as a leader : "MY IMPRESSION", with drummer Mimi VERDERAME, bassist Michel HATZIGEORGIOU and pianist Michel HERR.

End 2009 sees the release of a new album as a leader, in quartet with Philip Catherine (gt), Bart De Nolf (b) and Mimi Verderame (drs).

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Kris Defoort Quintet "Diva Smiles" (Arpèges LPG 839) 1986
Mimi Verderame "Speed Limit" (B. SHARP) 1990
Michael Blass "Wait and See" (B. SHARP) (CDS 089)
Myriam Altern"Silent Walk"Challenge (CHR 70035) 1996

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Gino Lattuca Quintet      Jazz Addiction Band
Brussels Jazz Orchestra      Belgian Trumpet Combination
Michel Herr & Life Lines      Marco Locurcio Sextet
South Spirits      Radoni's Tribe
Myriam Alter Quintet     

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