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Giacomo Lariccia
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Instrument(s) Guitar
Place of birth Rome, Italy
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Phone +32 (0)485 315 040
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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Born in Rome, landed several years ago in Brussels to study Jazz at the Royal Conservatory.

Professional activities: Giacomo Lariccia plays in jazz clubs in northern Europe (manly Belgium, Holland, Germany) and Italy, with different groups (trio, quartet, duo) and different repertoires (standard and original composition).

He played with : Fabien Degryse, Nicolas Kummert, Marco Locurcio, Fabio Locurcio, Sabin Todorov, Pascal Mohy, Olivier Stalon, Lynn Cassiers, Steven Cassiers, Anu Junnonen, Jonathan Callens.

Studies: Came to Brussels to study jazz in the Royal Conservatory of Brussels in the year 2000. He finished his studies in 2005.

He studied with several teachers in Italy (Fabio Zeppetella, Pietro Condorelli, Garrison Fewell) and in Belgium (Peter Hertmans, Fabien Degryse). Attended several masterclass (New School of New York and Siena Jazz).

He is currently playing in: Giacomo Lariccia Quartet & Quintet, Uppotukki Orchestra, Modern Tales.

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Associated bands:
Giacomo Lariccia Quintet     

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