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Frédéric Williaume
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Instrument(s) Tenor saxophone, Soprano saxophone
Date of birth 1957
Place of birth Mons
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Studies clarinet, saxophone and harmony in Mons and Charleroi music academies between 1965 - 1990. Studies jazz saxophone and harmony at the Amay Academy (Erwin Vann, Pirly Zurstrassen,...) between 1988 and 1992
Clinics : Lundis d'Hortense (Steve Houben, Pierre Vaïana, John Ruocco, Maurice Magnoni, Richard Rousselet, Eric Legnini,...) between 1988 and 1993. Antwerp Jazz Studio's summer workshop at Dworp in 1990. Also clinics in Bouillon, Libramont, ...

Member of the " EVASION " Big Band since 1993. Evasion plays essentially Belgian musicians' compositions.
Member of the Sloong jazz quartet since 1991. Sloong played in several international jazz festivals (Jazz à Liège, Festival of the Lundis d'Hortense, çà Jazze à Huy) and in clubs (Lion s'Envoile - Liège, Travers, Sound - Brussels,…). He composes, as well as the others members (Alain Pierre and Jean Borlée), many themes for the band. Sloong plays only original compositions.

Plays currently as a guest member with Eupen blues band Deeper Blue

He also played on stage with a.o. Léo Flechet, Jacques Pelzer, Antoine Cirri, J-L Rassinfosse, Robert Grahame, François Mathus, ...

Discography (not listed on this site) :

    EvasionCD " Evasion Big Band "1994
    Deeper BlueCD " Waiting For The Month Of May " 1997
One of his composition (" Crossroads ") has been recorded by " IN SPECTOR " (Poland) and " TRIOCOLOR " (Germany) on 2 different " EUROP JAZZ CONTEST HOEILAART " CDs (1994 and 1996)

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