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Fapy Lafertin
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Instrument(s) Guitar
Date of birth 1950
Place of birth Courtrai
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Fapy Lafertin New Quartet (Leader)     

One of the most authentic followers of Django Reinhardt, Fapy Lafertin played with numerous gipsy bands in the company of some of the best specialists of the genre.

Lafertin was born in the Romani community of Manouches, and took up guitar at the age of five. After performing in a family band with his father on violin and his brother on second guitar, he joined the Piotto orchestra. He also toured with his uncle, Eddie Bamboula Ferret.

He would later play in WASO (with Koen de Cauter on reeds, Albert Vivi Limburger in drums and Michel Verstraeten on double bass) before forming his own quintet in 1985.

Fapy Lafertin later led a solo career.

Lafertin has worked with many distinguished musicians, including Charlie Byrd, Scott Hamilton, Al Casey, Milt Hinton, violinist Tim Kliphuis, Benny Waters and Stéphane Grappelli, once Django Reinhardt's partner.

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