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Fabrizio Graceffa
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Composer
Date of birth September 3, 1979
Place of birth La Louvière
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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© Luigi Graceffa
 Current bands

Fabrizio Graceffa Band (Leader)      Fabrizio Graceffa Quartet (Leader)

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Fabrizio GRACEFFA starts playing the guitar on bis own when he is 15.

At the age of 18, he already plays in various rock groups and namely with the singer Jennifer Scavuzzo and the guitarist Marco Locurcio who makes him discover jazz music.

With Marco, he decides to complete bis training with private lessons centered exclusively on jazz.

ln 1999, he takes part in the Lundis d'Hortense training and follows the classes of Peter Hertmans, Daniel Stokart, Erwin Vann...

ln 2000, he creates the group 7éme Set, being its main composer and with which he will multiply experiences. The same year, he enters in the Académie de la Ville de Bruxelles and attends Paolo Loveri and Bruno Castellucci's lessons.

ln 2002, he starts taking classes in the Conservatoire de la ville du Luxembourg with Jacques Pirotton and Guy Cabay.

ln 2004, he dedicates himself to the composition of a repertoire for bis own quartet founded with the trumpet player Peer Baierlein, the drummer Herman Pardon and the bass player Piet Verbist. He also plays in various pop, rock and soul groups.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Bimini Quartet     

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