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Etienne Richard
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No Vibrato 4tet / 5tet (Leader)      No Vibrato Trio (Sideman)

Although very attracted to the music of his childhood (his father was an amateur musician) His interest goes 1st to social-cultural animation and only at age 32 he turns to music.
He participates in a workshop and follows private lessons with Charles LOOS who encouraged him to pursue, Eric LEGNINI, Dave FRANK (USA), Burton GREENE (USA) and others.

In 1989, he started 2 years of intensive studies at the JAZZ STUDIO in Antwerp with pianist Erik VERMEULEN and also completed his formation in harmony, arrangements and composition with guitarist Peter HERTMANS.

In 1992, he is a part of a class of ensemble and improvisation given by saxophonist Erwin VANN at the Conservatory in Brussels and it is there and then that he starts to be present on the jazz scene. Since then, he has played with Belgian great fame like Daniel ROMEO, Bart ZEGERS, Sal LAROCCA , Antoine CIRRI, Chris MENTENS, John PETERSON, Otti VANDERWERF, Stephan POUGIN, Jan DE HAAS, Bilou DONEUX, Félix SIMTAINE, Bart DEFOORT, Joe HIGHAM, Manu HERMIA, Fabrice ALLEMAN, etc...

Among his various musical experiences, the most sustained and the longest is the quartet NO VIBRATO, Of which he is the founder, and with which he plays his own compositions and arranger.
The group recorded a first CD, "CINQ DE COEUR", September 1997.
The group performs out of Belgium on a regular basis; Grand-Duché de Luxembourg and mostly in France (over 80 concerts since1992).

Etienne RICHARD also plays in trio since1997, performing in Switzerland and Quebec.

He is member of the A MONK'S FLAVOUR; a quartet dedicated to the music of Thelonious MONK (With Antoine CIRRI, Alexander FURNELLE, and Michel MAINIL).

He is also frequently invited to tour with international musicians like saxophonist Paul STOCKER, British singer Loretta SCOTT and singer Mandy GAINES.

A second CD of NO VIBRATO came out at the end of '99, titled "Here and Now" (Travers).

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