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Eric Thielemans
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth 1969
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 Current bands

Rorschach (Sideman)      Lidlboj (Sideman)
Jozef Dumoulin Trio (Sideman)      Ben Sluijs Trio (Sideman)

At age 10 Eric Thielemans started taking percussion lessons and solfeggio at the Académie de Musique in Overijse. Later on he got classical tuition on piano, harmony, ensemble, choir and percussion, at the art academy in Brussels. He pursued his studies for another 2 years at the Jazz-Studio in Antwerp where he had as teacher Dré PALLEMAERTS and Jan DE HAAS. He also attended few summer workshops namely, 3 with Billy HART as instructor and also private lessons with Mike CLARK and Marvin 'Smitty' SMITH.

Eric employed his musical talent in various manners. He worked on initiation courses in Indonesian music, he performed with the Ballet Royal de Flandres. He is regularly sought after for accompaniment in ethnic and modern dance lessons .

But Eric is mainly active on the "jazz-scene". For instance, he was member of the Karl VAN DEUN quartet and played with the Trio of Erik VERMEULEN.
He also appeared with Michel HATZIGEORGIOU, Sal LA ROCCA, Erwin VANN, Michel BISCEGLIA, Ben MONDER, Serge LAZAREVITVH, Kurt VAN HERCK, ...

He plays a.o. with the Ben SLUIJS Quartet and recorded 3 CDs with that band "Food for Free" (On Purpose Records) and "Candy Century", "Seasounds", "Flying Circles".

Also at ease in the free improvisation idiom, he also played a.o. with bassist Barre PHILLIPS, pianist Eddy LOOZEN and with the trio and duo of pianist Véronique BIZET.
Véronique and Eric have released an album of their music, "Moon at Sunrise".

Eric THIELEMANS also played with MÄÄK's SPIRIT, the band of Laurent BLONDIAU and Jeroen VAN HERZEELE.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Ben Sluijs Quartet     

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