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Eric Ross
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Instrument(s) Piano, Guitar, Synthesizer, Theremin
Place of birth U.S.A
Current residence Belgium
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Eric Ross (born in Carbondale, Pennsylvania, USA) received his B.A. and M.A. from the State University of New York.
He premiered his Concerto for Orchestra at Lincoln Center in New York, and released his first solo album, Songs for Synthesized Soprano, in 1982. He has written symphonies, chamber pieces and many works for solo instruments.
He's performed concerts of his original music at the Newport, Berlin, Montreux, and North Sea Jazz Festivals, the Copenhagen New Music Festival, the Kennedy Center, and the Gilmore International Keyboard Festival among others worldwide.

Eric performs on piano, guitars, synthesizers, and the Theremin. For over twenty years, he has led his own ensemble that has featured jazz greats John Abercrombie, Larry Coryell, Andrew Cyrille, Oliver Lake, Leroy Jenkins, new music virtuosos Robert Dick, Lydia Kavina, Youseff Yancy and many others.
He has also played with Blues Legends Champion Jack Dupree, Lonnie Brooks, Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.

With his wife, Mary Ross, Eric presents multi-media concerts of video, film, computer art, dance and music. He began playing the Theremin in 1975, and has performed on radio, film and television. He has written an Overture for 14 Theremins and performed on the 1997 World Premiere of Percy Grainger's Free Music No.1 in New York City.
In 2006, he was guest artist on the No.1 Best Selling CD in Japan, Aqi Fzonoís "Cosmology."

As a teacher, Eric Ross has lectured on the Theremin, piano, guitar, and electronic music at colleges, universities and schools throughout the United States and Europe. He was Master Teacher at the First International Theremin Festival and is considered to be the foremost authority on Frederick W. Riesberg, Franz Lisztís last pupil.
Eric was a personal friend of inventor Robert Moog, the theremin virtuoso Clara Rockmore, and in 1991 had met and played for Professor Lev Termin himself.
Eric Ross has drawn inspiration from these artists to continue developing the Theremin as a voice in his own compositions.

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