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Domenico Solazzo
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Instrument(s) Drums
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Phone +32 (0)2 216 60 44
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Web site Dedicated website
Web site Dedicated website
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A self-thought musician, Domenico Solazzo began playing drums at the age of 18.
While living his first musical experiences within the experimental trio Unpleasant Nature (drums, bass, saxophone, various effects) which already demonstrated his strong leanings toward music "from another kind", Domenico rapidly thought about doing stuff at his own.
2003 saw the release of "Carpigstroke", his first solo effort, where he plays all instruments (keyboards, drums, guitar, bass, saxophone, violin)

Meanwhile, he was playing drums for DeafDialogue (alternative rock) and did tour with them.
A bunch of ten other releases under his own name saw the light of the day until 2006, each showing the various facets the artist did want to explore (rock, pop, noise, electro, improvisation).

"Multiply", published by end of 2006, contained the seeds of the PaNoPTiCoN project as Domenico invited ten musicians to collaborate with him on ten various songs.
In april 2007, he made it concrete by playing on stage with no less than ten other musicians, trying to approach the organic - sometimes mystical - feel generated by seventies electric jazz artists, from Miles Davis to Sun Ra...

Even if PaNoPTiCoN became his most important project to date, he still works on his next solo record, and is actually touring with Unity (jazz quartet around Catherine Smet, Jean Paul Lossignol, Frederic Dailly) on drums and Fungus Imperator (psychedelic rock) on keyboards.

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