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Daniele Martini
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Instrument(s) Saxophones
Date of birth 1977
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 Current bands

Daniele Martini quartet (Leader)      Mulabanda (Leader)
Nicola Lancerotti SkiN (Sideman)      Giovanni Di Domenico & Abschattungen (Sideman)
The Lonious (Sideman)     

Daniele Martini was born in Rome.
After accomplishing his studies in Holland he moved to Brussels, where he now lives and operates as an active musician. In his relatively short career Martini has managed to play in various countries of the world with a number of great musicians, from world-class cutting edge improvisers to afrobeat legends.

Hes currently involved in a wide range of musical projects: Heinz Karlhausen & The Diatonics, Noi Trio, Mulabanda, World Squad, Wooley-Martini-Lobo trio, Tetterapadequ, Ay!, Roll Call, Full Range Ensemble, Tricot.

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