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Christoph Erbstoesser
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Instrument(s) Piano, Keyboards, Composer
Date of birth 1965
Place of birth Cologne, Germany
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Christoph ERBSTOESSER, a German musician born in Cologne in 1965 who spent many years in Belgium, studied first in Holland, then went to the States to study with American pianists Richie BEIRACH and Jim BEARD.

He has been very active on the Belgian scene as an acoustic and electric pianist, at ease in various forms of jazz, from straight-ahead to avant garde, from fusion to latin jazz.

He appeared at various festivals, such as North Sea Jazz (Den Haag) Jazz Middelheim, Liège Jazz Festival, Vienne Jazz Festival, Aruba Jazz Festival etc...

He accompanied well kown soloists suc as Paquito D'RIVEIRA, Joh THOMAS, Randy BRECKER, Bob MALACH and many otherartists of international format.

He played with many top names of the Belgian scene : he played in trio a.o. with Dré PALLEMAERTS or Félix SIMTAINE (drs), with the band of saxophonist Erwin VANN with Michel HATZIGEORGIOU (bass).

He arranged for the band TEN-TAMARRE, etc...

He was for a few years the regular pianist of the BRUSSELS JAZZ ORCHESTRA led by Frank VAGANÉE. He appears on a few albums of that band : Live (VRT) and The September Sessions (De Werf) and played a.o. with Maria SCHNEIDER, Bert JORIS etc...

Christoph ERBSTÖSSER's music integrates modern jazz and African influences.

He also has an experience as a sound engineer, as he has his own recording studio.

Christoph ERBSTÖSSER teaches a.o. at the Jazz Department of the Antwerp Conservatory.

October 2001, release of his trio album, Vive les Etrangers on the W.E.R.F. label

Christoph now lives in Germany, his home country.

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