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Cécile Broché
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Instrument(s) Violin, Composer
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 Current bands

Cécile Broché (Leader)      Kartinka Trio (Leader)
Cécile Broché / Etienne Bouyer duo (Leader)      Broché / Bouyer / Joris (Sideman)
Alex Furnelle 4Strings (Sideman)     

Cécile Broché studied classical music, contemporary music, improvisation, and took jazz courses.

She graduated at the Conservatory of Liège and Brussels (Belgium), where she got a First Prize of Violin and a First Prize of Chamber music . She also attended classes with people such as Philip Hirshorn, Arnould Massart, Garrett List, Malcolm Goldstein, Barre Philips, … Parallel to her musical training , she works on movement and body awareness techniques (yoga, feldenkrais,…) with various specialists, and with performers of other disciplines (dancers, actors).

As a violinist, Cécile Broché has been involved in many different projects, including contemporary music ensembles, free music , working with dancers, with actors, with jazz musicians featuring strings and solo performances.

For five years , she has been leading Résonance, a youth orchestra that toured in Belgium and France with Baroque and contemporary repertoire.

As a teacher, she has developed a pedagogical concept nourished by her various experiences , where one encounters improvisation , creativity , and composed music (workshops).

She participated in the albums “From this day forward” with Diederik Wissels, “Worlds” with Erwin Vann (featuring Kenny Wheeler) and appears on 2 albums of the Garrett List Ensemble : “Voyage” and The “The unbearably Light”.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Michel Mainil "Enter Project"      Chris Joris Experience

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