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Catherine Smet
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Instrument(s) Piano, Composer
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Catherine Smet "IluSioneS" - piano solo (Leader)      Take time (Leader)
Blue World Quartet (Sideman)     

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Having studied Classical and Jazz piano at the Antwerp Conservatory and the Brussels Conservatory, Catherine Smet has performed in many bands of various styles ranging from contemporary Jazz to African and Latin, which she studied in Buenos Aires and Cuba.

Among others, she has played with :

  • "Dada Camerata viva", improvised music for the Freemusic festival in Antwerpen.
  • She played also with Michael Moore, Peter Jaqmain, Bart Maris in differents concerts of improvised music.
  • "4 inn 4", her own quartet, which she formed after the release of her second album, which featuring Daniel Stokart, Alexandre Furnelle and Pierre Narcisse.
  • "Rythmiss ", part of the touring catalogue ‘Art et Vie’.

    In the Latin and African register, she has toured with “Rythmiss” in Germany, Austria, Belgium and Holland.

    She is currently member of the big band “Yellow Green” and the Tango sextet “Tango 02”, which perform in Belgium and abroad.

    She forms the duo “Purzelbaum Unlimited” together with the singer Anja Kowalski.

    Catherine composed the score for the dance piece "Entre pasos Bailados" by choreographer Felicette Chazerand, which was performed in Latin America in 2003. Together with Felicette, she also holds improvisation workshops for dancers and musicians.

    She teaches body language to adults and children.

    She also played accompaniment for professional dancers in training programmes, as well as for Jan Fabre. At the moment she works for the “Loft Studio” at Plan K and for the dance school PARTS.

    She taught piano at the school “Mouvement” in Waterloo and currently teaches at the school “Amalia” in Laeken.

    Catherine released three CDs of her own compositions.


  • "La neuvième heure du jour", first solo recording, widely acclaimed by the press and the public. (Crépuscule/2000)
  • "Conversations Solaires", recorded with Michael Moore, Michael Vatcher,Jean-Jacques Avenel and Daniel Stokart. (Crépuscule/2002)
  • "Plus tard dans la nuit" solo recording for the dance piece "Entre pasos Bailados" (2003)
  • "DÖ" first recording of the duo” Purzelbaum Unlimited” (2005 / AZ production)

  • In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
    Purzelbaum Unlimited      PaNoPTiCoN

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