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Benoît Quersin
Information Discography
Instrument(s) Double bass
Date of birth July 24, 1927
Date of death May 31, 1992
Benoît Quersin was one of the most influential bassists of the Belgian jazz scene in the post-bop era.

He played and recorded with numerous American soloists, such as Chet Baker, Lucky Thompson, Zoot Sims, Lee Konitz, Blossom Dearie, etc...

He also was active on the French and European jazz scene in general. He stayed in Paris in the fifties, playing with a.o. Barney Wilen, Henri Renaud, Jimmy Gourley, René Urtreger, Sacha Distel, Martial Solal, etc...

He often was associated with René Thomas, Bobby Jaspar, Francy Boland, Daniel Humair, Léo Souris, Jacques Pelzer, Jack Sels etc...

He appears on numerous albums, mostly until the sixties.

Then, he briefly was the manager of a club in Brussels, the Blue Note.

He also did some jazz radio shows on the Belgian radio RTB.

He spent the last years of his life in Africa (in Zaïre mostly) doing research as an ethno-musicologist and recording hours of music, some of which was released on several albums.

Some albums in which he was involved :

  • Bobby Jaspar / Henri Renaud (BMG 74321409372), with Jimmy Gourley , Sadi, Jean-Louis Viale (1953)
  • Henri Renaud "trio, sextet & all stars" (BMG 74321606382), recorded with Jean-Louis Chautemps (sax), René Thomas (gt), Christian Kellens (tb) etc...
  • Bobby Jaspar : "Memory of Dick" (EMARCY 837 208-2), with René Urtregerr Jean-Louis Viale (1955)
  • Martial Solal : "The vogue recordings vol III/Trio & big band" (Vogue 74321131112) (1955)
  • Chet Baker : "In Paris Barclay sessions" with a.o. Raymond Fol, Dick Twardzik, Pierre Michelot (1955/56)
  • René Thomas : "The real cat" (EMARCY 549 400-2) (1956)
  • Lucky Thompson with Dave Pohonet All Stars (Emarcy 016496-2) (1956)
  • Blossom Dearie :"Plays April in Paris" (Barclay 88.001), with Bobby Jaspar, Christian Garros (1956)
  • Lucky Thompson : "Modern Jazz Group" (Mercury 159823-2) with Henri Renaud, Christian Garros (1956)
  • Solal-Sadi Quartette (Vogue 74321409332) with Christian Garros (1956)
  • Zoot Sims : "The brother" (EMI 7243539646 2), with Henri Renaud, Jon Eardley, Charles Saudrais (1956)
  • Léo Souris : "Jazz at Comblain-la-Tour" (RCA), with Lennart Jonsson, Jacques Pelzer, Herman Sandy, Vivi Mardens (1961)
  • Jacques Pelzer : "Jazz in Italy : Jacques Pelzer + Dino Piana" (Cetra LPP 6) (1961)
  • Chet Baker : "Chet is back !" (RCA 74321377522), with René Thomas, Daniel Humair, Amedeo Tommasi (1962)
  • René Thomas : "Meeting Mister Thomas" Barclay, Eamrcy 549 812-2), with Jacques Pelzer, Lou Bennett, Charles Bellonzi (1963)
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