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Armando Luongo
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Instrument(s) Drums
Date of birth July 27, 1984
Place of birth Italy
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Phone +32 (0)492 94 29 87
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 Current bands

Swingalicious Big Band (Sideman)      Stéphane Mercier Trio (Sideman)
Saying Somethin' 4tet (Sideman)      Monk's mood (Sideman)
Maxime Moyaerts trio (Sideman)      Jérémy Dumont Quintet (Sideman)
Joachim Caffonnette Quintet (Sideman)      God Save The Swing! (Sideman)
Filippo Bianchini quartet (Sideman)     

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Armando Luongo comes from Italy and he started to play music at the age of 10 years and after few years of piano and guitar he started to study drums with the drummer Damiano Zinna. He graduated in classical percussions (2007) studying with Carlo Di Blasi in the Conservatory "G. Martucci" of Salerno, he obtained a Bachelor in Jazz Music (2010) in the conservatory "L. Refice" of Frosinone and in the 2012 he obtained a Master in Jazz Performance in the Koninklijk Conservatorium of Den Haag (Holland) where he studied with the Dutch jazz master Eric Ineke, Joost Patocka and Stefan Kruger. In 2009 Armando won a scholarship for studying one year in the Conservatoire Royal of Bruxelles (Belgium) where he had the opportunity to study with the famous Belgian drummer Bruno Castellucci and to play with many famous jazz players like: Paolo Loveri, Phil Abraham (Belgium), John Ruocco (USA), Gael Horellou (France), Jean-Louis Rassinfosse (Belgium), Bo Van Der Werf (Belgium), Laurent Blondiau (best European Musician 2009), Richard Rousselet (best horn Player at the Monteaux 1971), Jean-Paul Estievenart, Fabian Fiorini etc. Winner of numerous awards : Jury prize with CCFM in the contest "Antonio Barezzi Live 2008" (Italy), 1st prize with Ipocontrio (Italy) at the "European Jazz Contest 2009" in Rome, 1st prize wth the Unexpected 4 (Belgium) at the "Dinant Jazz Night 2010" in Belgium, finalist with Vincent Thekal trio (France) at the "Jazz A Vienne 2011", 2nd prize with Filippo Bianchini 4et at the "Jimmy Woode European Jazz Award 2012" and the same year Armando Luongo won the "Best Drums Player Prize".
The first Cd of the Ipocontrio " The Beginning Of A Love Affair" produced by the St. Louis Jazz Collection is available on I Tunes and the first Cd of Vincent Thekal Trio is coming out soon.

In the past, was also involved in the following bands:
Vincent Thékal Trio      Vincent Thékal Quintet
The Unexpected 4      Adrien Volant Former Trio

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