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Alex Van De Meulebroecke
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Instrument(s) Flute, Tenor saxophone, Piano, Alto saxophone
Date of birth September 6, 1965
Place of birth Bruges
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Phone +32 486 58 25 62
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Studied music at the Royal Brussels Conservatory where he obtained a Master degree in music theory and writing. He studied classical flute for three years with Paul Van Wolleghem and then moved over to jazz-flute and tenor saxophone. He attended jazz courses with :
Jeroen Van Herzeele, Frank Vaganée, Kurt Van Herck, Lew Tabackin, Bo Van der Werf, Erwin Vann, Fabrizio Cassol, Will Offermans (contemporary flute music) etc...

Alex graduaded as a jazz saxophone player at the Maastricht Conservatory (Holland), where he studied with Toon Roos (Bird award winner) and Claudius Valk. He is currently specialising on playing J.S.Bach on the alto saxophone.

He played/plays with Gilbert Isbin, Charles Loos, Jozef Dumoulin, Armenac Petrocian, Kris Vermeir (pianist from Raf Coppens), Fernando Neris, Renaud Lhoest and many others...

Most of the time he leads the Alexander Mantua band.
He conducts and composes for the Jazz Combo at the Conservatory in Leuven (Belgium).

He performs now and then in schools as a guest musician/teacher (Jeugd en Muziek, Leuven).

As a pianist he merely plays his own compositions and improvisations, he performed in the

    United States (New York, Washington, Ohio)
    and in Spain.
Two of his piano books (Withes' Cauldron, vol.I and II) and a duo composition with Gilbert Isbin (Sixtologie) where edited and printed by Antares, Gent.

Alex recorded with Gilbert Isbin (Blue, Sounds and Touches'), Assam (d'Elles), Jean François Maljean (Dreams), Dominique A (avec Leo mon camarade), The Hoodoogang's (Busted Session).

He teaches AMV (solfégio) at the conservatory in Leuven.

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