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Alessio Menconi
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Instrument(s) Guitar
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Phone +32 (0)493 054 699
Web site Dedicated website
Biography - Alessio Menconi was born in Genoa - Italy. He approached guitar when he was 10 as self-taught.
Cosidered a prodigy, he start in 1986 is professional career with best italian musicians. In 1992 he won the award as "Best Soloist" in Gran Prix du Jazz". In 1993 (23 years old) he participated in "Eddie Lang festival"contest (the most important competitions for guitarists in Italy), winning the first prize as best italian jazz guitarist.
He play in tour in Europe, Asia, north and south America and recorded in over 40 cds with several musicians. In 1995 Paolo Conte call him for play in several world tour until 2004 and he recorded four cds. In the same period Billy Cobham wanted him since to play with him in several concerts..In the same year, he have been selected in Paris to play with "ONJ" (orchestre national du jazz) In 2003, He partecipated as only italian to the cd "Voodoo crossing-a tribute to Jimi Hendrix" with Robben Ford, Steve Lukather, Hiram Bullock ,Larry Coryell and many others. Lately is leaded of his own trio and of his solo project with whom jus made cds, and he is the jazz guitar teacher in the conservatory of music in Cuneo and Genoa. He made tours in Italian embassys in India, Ecuador, Brazil, Guatemala, Nicaragua, El Salvador and others. Actually is one of much important and wanted guitar player in Italy and Europe. He takes “Jazz lighthouse” 2009 Career award. In 2011 he was included in a cd compilations of world best jazz guitarist as only italian.

Here are some of most important festivals he participated. He played in : Italy, Switzerland, France, Brazil, Ecuador, Uk, Spain, Usa, Austria, Guatemala, Belgium, Luxemburg, Holland, Poland, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Greece, Macedonia, India, Germany and Canada. Guatemala jazz festival 2013, Petropolis jazz festival 2012, Kolkata "jazz-blues and beyond" "04, Sao Paulo “sesc”’06, Quito “jazz festival” ‘07 , Ascona "New Orleans & classics" '04 & '05, Samois sur Seine "Django festival" '01,Umbria jazz '01, Rio de Janeiro “centro justica federal” ‘06, , London Royal Festival Hall '96 e'99, San Francisco jazz festival '01, Den Hag '98, Skopje festival '03, Paris "New morning-JVC jazz fest" '03, Nice Jazz Festival '98, Athens Festival '98, Bruxelles jazz fest. '01 e '03, Montreal '01, Bolzano "jazz and others"'04,Verona jazz '02, Calvi '94 , Parigi "Olimpya" '95 e '98, Berlino '96, Seville '97, Pistoia Blues '93, Monteroduni "Eddie Lang jazz festival" '93, Montreaux '88 and many others...

Some of the most important musicians he have been playing with : Paolo Conte, Billy Cobham, Toninho Horta, Adrienne West , Shawnn Monteiro, Anna Oxa, Marcio Montarroyos, Stefano Bollani, Danny Gottlieb, Enrico Rava, Tullio De Piscopo, Daniel Humair, Albert "Tootie" Heath, Red Holloway, Franco Cerri, Gary Husband, Dado Moroni, Paolo Fresu, Carl Anderson, Franco Ambrosetti, Gary Bartz and many others...

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