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Albert Wastiaux
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Instrument(s) Guitar
Albert Wastiaux was active as a jazz guitarist in the eighties.

He made an LP in 1983 as a leader, titled "Maydance", with a.o. Alain Rochette (p) and Antoine Cirri (drums).

In 1986, he appeared on the album of drummer Robert Cordier, titled "Magic Moods in a Mallow tone", with Richard Rousselet (tp), Vincent Mardens (saxes), Phil Abraham (tb), Christophe Vervoort (kb), Paul Dubois (b), Renoir Hadri (b) and Jean-Pierre Catoul (vl).

Later on, he worked for the RTBF (Musiq 3) and was manager of classical symphony orchestras.

He is currently the manager at the National Orchestra of Belgium and member of several musical institutions in Belgium.

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