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Alain Everts
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Instrument(s) Guitar, Composer
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Alain Everts received his first guitar lessons at the age of 8 and later graduated from the Royal Conservatory of Music in Brussels with the highest musical honors.

His music is a mixture drawn from classical and jazz, plus the influence from Spain and South America.

His albums as a leader :

  • "Tierra Nueva" (1997, Acoustic Music) of which a transcription book is available from Acoustic Music (Germany)
  • "Paso a Paso" (2002, Acoustic Music) presents Alain Everts in solo as well as in intimate ensemble formats (supported by guitarist Juan-Carlos Mellado and bass Andre Klenes). This recording offers music full of inspiration, surprises and technical refinements. The balance between the composed and improvised passages has been optimally fine-tuned.

    His composing talents have been used also in the theater world, and he wrote a.p. music for a show using the poems of Guillaume Apollinaire.

    He also accompanies singers, such as Raphy, etC...

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